I was raised in the Japantown Community my entire life. I attended preschool in Japantown, participated in the Cherry Blossom Parade & Festival for the past 25 years, and plan to raise my daughter in this community. I'm enraged that something so incredibley sacred can be so easily ripped out of the Japanese Community's hands. Japantown is part of what makes San Francisco so diverse and beautiful. Please do NOT let the Japanese tradition die after we worked so hard to enrich our children & future!

Japantown is the symbol and instatement of the Japanese culture, that the Japanese American Citizen are given the chance to experience and embrace. It is a place of reunion as well as a link to our ancestory. Selling Japantown would be destroying an entire culture, as well as a population and its spirit.

by bs2005 | 2006-02-28 06:04 | 異論・曲論  

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